A start in woodworking


I've been dabbling in making simple furniture pieces, and small items from wood, and I think I've gotten to the point where things I make are actually presentable, which is a big step. Hence, the purchasing section. Eventually, there'll be things in posts there.

Woodworking is a fairly recent hobby. I've set up a small work bench and built up an assortment of hand tools, which I've been using to prep wood and make staked furniture. The main guide for how I've been making things has been The Anarchists Design Book by Christopher Schwarz. He explains the basics and history of staked furniture, and it's a good place to begin. Most everything can be constructed with hand tools, with an emphasis on simple, clean designs that wouldn't be out of place in ancient Rome or a neighborhood coffeshop. On the other end of the spectrum, Good Clean Fun by Nick Offerman is a good resource with a heavy emphasis on power tools. GCF does offer a lot of insight from other woodworkers, both who make stuff for a living and others that just do it for fun. 

The first project up will probably be a side table build, with three staked legs and a top shaped like a Reuleaux triangle. 

Shantanu Sonparote