Magical Matcha


At first, I never understood the idea of a green tea latte. Green tea is drank without milk. Lattes have coffee. Mixing coffee, green tea, and steamed milk sounded pretty gross. 

And it probably is. Thankfully, green tea lattes are not regular green tea, they don't have espresso, and are delicious. I especially like it after a workout; supposedly there are a lot of benefits but I think of it as more of a change from the usual double rich chocolate protein shake. 


Matcha in a bag

It's absurdly green, and almost dusts everywhere. The trick though is to dissolve a little bit of it in an ounce or two of hot, but not quite boiling water, and use the bamboo whisk to stir fully incorporate it. I add a sugar cube here too, essentially making a matcha paste. 



Then, steam some milk with the La Pavoni, pour it in, and that's a matcha latte!